Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

When: January 2023

Post will be updated in January 2023 after launching collection. With more photos.

Louis Vuitton is reuniting with Yayoi Kusama for a new collaboration. At the age of 93, the renowned Japanese artist continues to make headlines not just in the art world but in fashion as the latest endeavor sees the second collaboration between the two entities.

Coming behind the first Louis Vuitton x Kusama collaboration, which was released 10 years ago, the forthcoming work was first teased on the runway at LV’s Cruise 2023 show – revealing signature handbags and accessories reimaged with Kusama’s artwork. Although every exact item to come is yet to be revealed, Louis Vuitton and Kusama have taken over Tokyo through an array of artworks and exhibitions to promote the collab.

One of the focal displays takes over the 3D wall at Shinjuku Station with a lively ad of Kusama and her eye-catching amorphous creations decked out in multicolored polka-dots. The billboard also reveals one of the French luxury house’s signature trunks in colorful polka dots.

Launching in January 2023, the new Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama Collection will bring the artist’s emblematic motifs to the Maison’s creations.

Special promo on the Louis Vuitton site.

Update from January 15, 2023

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