Giorgio Armani x Bugatti

When: August 2016

Giorgio Armani are teaming up with the super-luxury car brand Bugatti to release a limited edition collection of small leather goods and clothing.

The combination of Giorgio Armani’s high-fashion style with the sleek elegance of Bugatti, creates a distinctively modern yet authentically classic garment collection, perfect for the modern gentleman.

“It was very natural to come together with Bugatti. We both worship things that are made well, made to last, created out of the best materials. The capsule condenses this encounter in a series of clothes and accessories designed to be worn by men who only look for the best and who live an active and dynamic lifestyle” – Giorgio Armani.

The capsule collection offers a variety of luxury products including belts, wallets, IPad cases, beauty cases and weekend bags available in a variety of prints and colours. The main piece of the collections is a limited edition briefcase with a convenient front pocket, available in calfskin, lined matt crocodile suede and also royal blue -a colour synonymous with the Bugatti brand.

As well as this, this range also features clothing garments such as: a coat and blouson jacket made from double cashmere, a leather jacket with raised collar, treated leather jeans and ultra-fine cashmere sweaters.

All of the Giorgio Armani for Bugatti products host details that relate to the iconic motif of the Bugatti brand. Whilst the majority of the pieces are available in the brands signature blue , the horseshoe-shaped emblem is also featured on various products in the collection.

Photos from Fashionfederation