When: March 2023

Jotter XL is a larger version of Parker’s famous Jotter pen, a classic since 1954. It maintains all the hallmarks of the legendary model (its silhouette, the Parker arrowhead clip, the retractable push mechanism with its unmistakable click sound), but increases its measurements by 7%, to offer a pen with greater presence that provides an extra comfortable writing experience.

Lacquered stainless steel piece. On the clip and frame, Parker uses a black PVD coating. It’s jewellery is appreciated for the decoration of its pieces, it consists of the deposition of layers of a material on a surface by a physical method under vacuum conditions. In addition to providing an elegant touch in different colours to pieces of jewellery and writing utensils, it is one of the most effective and safe methods to improve the properties of a surface, increasing its resistance and durability.

Equipped with Parker QuinkFlow ink technology for smoother, cleaner and more consistent writing. They can also be used with Parker Gel Refills, for an incredibly smooth and fluid writing experience.
Product presented in a distinctive gift box from Parker.

Black matte paper case for this black pen

Zara Home got new Lifestyle section on their web-site and in that section you can find many many interesting things. Notebooks, totes and any thing else. Any way if you can’t find this pen (in USA this pen not available, but you can see it on Turkish Zara Home) – check this section.