Reebok Club C x Bott

When: September 28, 2022

A consistent stream of collaborations continues to catapult out from Reebok‘s lifestyle category lately and now it’s partnering with Birth of the Teenager for a new Club C 85 installment. 

For context, Birth of the Teenager aka BoTT is a brand started by Tokyo-based artist Teito who has established an identity for producing quality streetwear and workwear pieces. Most of the kicks are predominantly done up with neutral tones, but playful accents are also incorporated across the base layer. A majority of the uppers are fashioned with smooth white leather while multi-colored shapes are applied to the lateral side. The Japanese imprint’s acronym replaces the traditional Reebok branding on the lateral windows, and it also dresses up the lower half of the tongues and the second set of laces. Down below, the standard creamy Club C 85 outsole brings its design together.