Wilson x Minions

When: April 2022

I happy to present the amazing unusual collaboration. Wilson and Minions. Wilson creates tennis rackets, balls, bags and other for sport. And in April 6, 2022 they launched in store new collection Wilson x Minions.

Your favorite Minions have teamed up with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. for a new limited-edition brand collaboration with Minion-branded tennis balls, racquets, backpacks, and accessories for all ages!

For those younger players, the Youth Minions bundle is the perfect tennis starter set, featuring a Minions Junior 25 racquet, backpack, and water bottle in a fun minions-inspired design to commemorate the wildly popular global phenomenon.

There are more Minions-branded racquets like the Wilson Minions Ultra 100 and 103, and the Minions Junior 17 racquet, as well as other accessories like tennis balls, grips, vibration dampeners and much more!

All items available on official Wilson site and on tennis-point