Adidas x Meissen ZX8000 sneakers

Adidas has teamed up with Meissen, europe’s oldest porcelain manufacturer, to bring haute german craftsmanship to life. Both brands have come together to create an exclusive art piece: a hand-crafted porcelain ZX8000 sneaker made from premium leather and hand-painted by meissen. Weighing exactly 950 grams, the pair of sneakers was painstakingly assembled over a six month period.

The art piece brings together the meissen ‘krater’ vase and the adidas originals ZX8000 silhouette. First designed in 1856, the ‘krater’ vase unites a number of decorative styles and techniques from throughout the manufacturer’s 310 year history. Paying homage to this quintessential piece of meissen design, adidas’ ZX8000 shoe model is adorned with 15 of the vase’s 130 different patterns. each pattern has been painstakingly crafted with the utmost care and precision by four individual painters across three separate meissen departments.

The ZX8000 Porcelain will be offered in a single-lot, online-only auction which is open for bidding from 7 – 16 December, with an estimate of $1 to $1,000,000. Proceeds from will sale will benefit the Brooklyn Museum to support ongoing programs providing access to the arts for local youth.